The Inclusion and Accessibility in Action Research Unit was instituted, on March 31, 2011, by dispatch of the President of the Instituto Politécnico of Leira.


iACT’s main mission is to develop scientific and interdisciplinary research in the field of Communication Sciences, by taking on fundamental, applied and experimental approaches. Simultaneously, it aims to develop methodologies, techniques and products and to offer training and services to the community, while intervening in society itself (improving conditions and attitudes). iACT further aims to develop the skills of people with special needs. All action will be integrated and holistic in nature, taking on a multidimensional approach, which stands on social, behavioural and technological domains, in strict compliance with national and international laws, norms and directives regarding accessibility.


iACT aims to promote transdisciplinary and integrated research, publications, training and services in various domains pertaining to communication, mediation and accessibility. Such will be achieved through:

  • Evaluation, orientation, and psycho-pedagogical intervention
  • Inclusive Education
  • Inclusive Communication
  • Design of inclusive spaces and equipment
  • Development of inclusive products
  • Identities
  • Health and Well-being
  • Communication, cooperation and knowledge management
  • Culture and the Arts

These aims are to be achieved through the:

  • Promotion, coordination and development of research projects;
  • Transmission of scientific and technological knowledge;
  • Cooperation between national and foreign institutions;
  • Development of specific projects to cater for the needs of the community (at a regional, national and international level).

Full document: iACT Regulations